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wallpaper gift tags :Winter Berries on a Vine Wallpaper Border

Wallpaper Gift Tags – Unique and Festive!

It’s time to start wrapping those Christmas gifts…and we thought, instead of just wrapping them nicely and then adding a plain old gift tag, why not try unique and quick Vintage Patterned Wallpaper gift tags? Christmas is right around the corner.

So, here are two simple ways to use wallpaper and wallpaper borders to give all your holiday gifts that personal touch.

First, select a few of your favorite patterns and decide which shape(s) and sizes your tags will be.

Next, Use a glue stick or spray glue adhesive to mount the wallpaper on to poster board or thin card stock.

Next, trace the shapes on the back side (it’s usually white and easier to see) & cut out the tags.

Finally, use a hole-punch to make a small hole and string a ribbon or twine through your tag.

Here are a few patterns that would make gorgeous tags for Christmas gifts.

Pretty Floral Wallpaper Border
Pretty Floral Wallpaper Border
Winter Berries on a Vine Wallpaper Border
Winter Berries on a Vine Wallpaper Border

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