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Thanksgiving floral arrangement with cattails

Thanksgiving Floral Arrangement

Create a special ambiance with a simple-to-make Thanksgiving floral arrangement with cattails made out of wallpaper scraps.

All you need are:

1. Strips of wallpaper
2. Chopsticks or other thin sticks
3. Glue or paste

Just take strips of wallpaper pieces, glue/paste the leading edge to the wood stick, wrap the rest of the wallpaper strip around the chopstick and paste/glue the piece closed. Repeat for each stick with complementary colors/patterns.

Voilà–you have the perfect basis for a table centerpiece, a small arrangement or the finishing touch for a gift-wrapped hostess gift.

The example below was created by noted New York artist Kaeti Wigeland.

wallpaper cattail flower arrangement
vintage wallpaper used as cattail floral arrangment

The papered sticks can be a standalone floral arrangement or can be used as filler with other materials/live or dried flowers.

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May your Thanksgiving be filled with much joy and special memories.