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Wallpaper used a saccent wall

Wallpaper Accent Wall

Wallpaper accent wall. For the next few blogs we will feature specific creative ways in which wallcovering can be used rather than the customary–paper all 4 walls of a room.  Wallpaper used as an accent wall is the newest wallcovering trend and leads off our Creative Wall series. Just because your room has four walls […]

unique wallpaper wallcovering

Unique Wallpaper Wallcovering Design Options

Unique Wallpaper Wallcovering Design Options for Home or Office Adding unique wallpaper to walls is often used by homeowners to transform a room or home and make it more interesting. Unique wallpaper can help enhance a wall, a room or an entire home. There are a wide varieties of options available in countless colors, patterns, […]

Bathroom Powder Room Makeover

Bathroom Powder Room Renovation

Even though it is the smallest room in the house, the Powder Room is one of the areas that can have the biggest impact. It is always a surprise to walk into someone’s powder room and see the design. Wallpaper is one of the best ways to make your Powder Room stand out. This small […]

hibisucs floral wallpaper, pink, blue

Benefits of Wallpaper Adds Depth Texture Color

Why Choose Wallpaper? Wallpaper was once a staple in most homes in the past. But, many people don’t consider using wallpaper in their homes anymore because it has gotten a bad rap. It’s not a secret that wallpaper has not been cool for a long time until recently. Today’s choices of wallpaper are not what […]

tree wallpaper leaves, brown, green, white, blue, Laura Ashley, Fall

Tree Wallpaper Leaves Brown Green Blue

Tree wallpaper leaves in brown, green and blue including a Laura Ashley pattern. Changing of the leaves. It’s October and that means we’re deep in the Fall season. The leaves won’t stick around on the trees forever. But, don’t worry because we have Fall leaf inspired wallpaper you can enjoy after all the leaves are […]

Tree patterned wallpaper, birch trees, black, pink

Tree Patterned Wallpaper

Tree patterned wallpaper. Bring the outdoors in. A Birch tree is a thin-leaf hardwood tree that is widespread in the Northern hemisphere and typically has a very short life. If you enjoy nature and love taking walks outside to see all the tall majestic trees then why not get some lovely Birch tree patterned wallpaper […]

outdoor wallpaper, exterior, geometric

Outdoor Wallpaper Adds Color and Design to Exterior Surface

Outdoor Wallpaper adds color and design to outside surfaces.  Who said that wallpaper has to be confined to the interior of a house. Not anymore! Wall & Deco wallpaper can now be on the exterior of buildings. There is a new wallpaper collection called OUT (outdoor unconventional texture).  OUT allows you to place wallpaper on […]

Fall rustic wallpaper

Fall Rustic Wallpaper

Fall rustic wallpaper. Labor Day has come and gone, kids are back in school and cooler weather is just around the corner. Fall is fast approaching and with that comes change in colors and textures. Since change is coming have you ever thought about adding some wallpaper with a rustic feel of Fall to a […]

sports NE Ohio, football, baseball, basketball, Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Cavaliers, Cavs, Indians, Browns, RJIII

Sports NE Ohio Football Baseball Basketball

Sports NE Ohio. Football, Baseball, Basketball Fall means Cleveland Browns football, Cleveland Indians baseball, Cleveland Cavaliers basketball. But most of all, September sports in Northeast Ohio means Cleveland Browns. In this special year in which the North Coast continues to celebrate the magical Cavs win in the NBA playoffs, Fall also means Cleveland Cavaliers. And, […]

Cultural Heritage: Kurdish Man in Traditional Clothing

Cultural Heritage & Wallcovering

What do July 4, Kurdish culture, Israeli music and wallcovering have in common? The first three represent a cultural heritage and there is a wallcovering that can capture the essence of each. July 4. We have just celebrated Memorial Day, a day of remembrance and we are now leading up to July 4, a day […]

Picnic Wallpaper Border, Watermelom, red, green, white

Picnic Time Border Patterns

At For the Love of Wallpaper, we have several picnic time border patterns because May officially kicks off the Picnic Season. We are just back from London where we were sourcing some smashing new patterns for our in-store selection of wallcovering. We couldn’t resist a stop at Fortnum and Mason’s, one of the Queen’s favorite […]

May Flowers on Floral Wallpaper Pattern

Spring Showers, May Flowers

Spring showers bring May flowers and they have arrived…in full bloom these days, with plenty of fresh greenery to go along with them! This are so fresh this time of year it’s difficult NOT to be inspired! This week we’re featuring unique vintage wallpaper that are all about florals! Think florals are old-fashioned? Think again. […]

Food for Thought: Traditional Ethiopian Food

Food for Thought

Here is some food for thought: On a recent trip to Israel I had a chance to sample delicacies from around the world. Israel is a true melting pot and particularly the Beit Shean area which is noted for a high concentration of inhabitants from Ethiopia, Morocco, Yemen and Kurdistan. Where to begin. It is […]

Garland Easter Decor with Wsllpaper

Easter Decor with Wallcovering

Over the weekend, our family was gathered around the TV watching opening day for the Cleveland Indians. It’s always a happy time…opening day…as we anticipate long, warm summer afternoons and hot nights of baseball. I however, couldn’t sit and watch the whole game. Too many Easter decor with wallpaper ideas are awaiting my attention. Bunnies, […]

Bring travel into your home

Bring Travel Into Your Home

We have been featuring a series of posts related to travel. We will continue in that mode for several more weeks featuring photos from a recent trip to the Middle East, most specifically Israel and Jordan. And then we will embrace Spring and all that season brings–Floral and Cottage patterns, especially Vintage offerings from our […]

Travels with Mela

Travels with Mela

Travels with Mela: Although wallpaper is my preoccupation, travel is my passion. And, what fun it is to combine both on trips around the world. These journeys are a chance to view how wallcovering is treated in different cultures and they also provide an opportunity to donate wallpaper borders to brighten a child’s room or […]