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Ohio State Buckeyes Logo Wall Decals

Ohio State Buckeyes in Football’s Final Four

Ohio State Buckeye football fans breathed a collective sigh of relief when the final four participants were announced for the college football championships. And The Ohio State Buckeyes are in the mix. To get your home Buckeye-party-ready or as a perfect stocking stuffer gift for your favorite Ohio State student or fan consider some of […]

Thanksgiving floral arrangement with cattails

Thanksgiving Floral Arrangement

Create a special ambiance with a simple-to-make Thanksgiving floral arrangement with cattails made out of wallpaper scraps. All you need are: 1. Strips of wallpaper 2. Chopsticks or other thin sticks 3. Glue or paste Just take strips of wallpaper pieces, glue/paste the leading edge to the wood stick, wrap the rest of the wallpaper […]

Ohio State Buckeyes Wall Decals Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift Ideas for 2014

Need some great holiday gift ideas? Wall decals and Fatheads make for great stocking stuffers. Following are just a few ideas for those special people on your gift list. Sports Fans Holiday Gift Ideas From Cleveland Cavaliers and Cleveland Browns Fatheads to Ohio State Buckeyes’ wall decals there is something for every sports fan on […]

LeBron's Return, Usher sings National Anthem at Cavs Game

Celebrate LeBron’s Return to the Cavaliers

Three are moments when time stands still. Such a moment occurred at the Cleveland Cavaliers opening home game when over 20,000 fans joined Usher in the singing of the Star Spangled Banner–magical to celebrate LeBron’s return to Cleveland. Inside the arena and out, Cleveland was the focus for one of the most exciting sports events […]

non-permanent wallpaper ideas for apartments

Non-Permanent Wallpaper for Apartments

Do you live in an apartment or dorm room where wallpaper is not allowed? Try this non-permanent wallpaper trick! A good friend just sold her home and decided to move into an apartment for a year or so. Her children are grown and she wants to travel without any strings attached. All is well. Only […]

Radiant Orchid Floral Arrangement

Radiant Orchid Still Rules in the Fall

If you’ve been reading our blog this year, you already know that the Pantone Color for 2014 is Radiant Orchid. Announced at the beginning of the year, this gorgeous hue has made itself visible in clothing, fabrics, decor and more! Still, it seemed like a challenge to incorporate this shade into fall decorating…until we found […]

wallpaper crafts for school kids: birds

Wallpaper Crafts for School Kids

By now, almost every child we know is back to school…summer has come to a close and backpacks, homework and art class are in session! Which got us thinking…about some art-class inspired wallpaper crafts projects for kids that use scraps & samples. This wallpapered dollhouse can be made simply with a cardboard box and exacto […]

Modern Wallpaper for Scrapbooking and Craft Projects

Wallpaper for Scrapbooking & Crafts

Attention: Scrapbookers and Crafters. Wallpaper for scrapbooking & crafts is THE perfect material. Why? Premium heavy-weight paper Exclusive decorator patterns Extremely limited quantity (exclusivity) Exceptional flexibility Durable surface coating Repurposed resource   Due to its special qualities wallpaper is perfect for your next craft project including: All facets of scrapbooking Tableware Parties/Wedding Projects Holiday Decorations […]

Bring the Outdoors In with Wallpaper

Bring the Outdoors In With Wallpaper

Bring the outdoors in with wallpaper! It’s mid-July and that means one thing…gardens! Vegetables and herbs, flowers and fruits all in season and in bloom in Ohio! Spending so much time outdoors always inspires us to find vintage wallpaper patterns that bring those gardens indoors. Why not enjoy the colors and thoughts of July all […]

patriotic wallpaper crafts for the 4th of July

Celebrate with Patriotic Wallpaper Crafts

In exactly one month Americans will celebrate Independence Day with patriotic wallpaper crafts! Hot weather, fireworks, flag waving and parades are right around the corner…and what better time to decorate your spaces to celebrate the patriotism! Get a head-start with a few of these great vintage wallpaper patterns and inspirational ideas we found on Pinterest! […]

Sweet Spring Fruits Wallpaper Border

Sweet Spring

Each month our For The Love of Wallpaper blog is devoted to a particular theme…ideas that have inspired us because of the season, our travels, our families…and whatever other inspiration we find! May has been all about food. The beautiful, bold and tantalizing colors that surround us at meal time are an inspiration across different […]

Colors of spring Wooden Benches Vintage Wallpaper Border with Topiaries

Flavors and Colors of Spring

The flavors and colors of spring including food, plants and planting season is here…and now that our travels are over (for the time being), it’s time to settle into beautiful spring rituals like enjoying longer days, sprucing up our homes and planting and (eventually) enjoying fresh vegetables and fruit! So many of our vintage wallpaper […]

Vintage Sports Wallpaper Border featuring Soccer & Hockey

Hockey Season Mania on Your Walls!

Hockey season has hit the NHL and the competition is firece this year! Last night’s games were great to watch…hard to tell who is more enthusiastic in hockey…the players or the fans! See the latest standings at the NHL’s official web site. If you’ve got hockey fever (like us), make sure you show your love […]

Basketball Sports Wall Decals

Sports Wall Decals for Spring

There are literally thousands and thousands of baseball themed wallcovering patterns available. Still, you might be hesitant to cover your son our daughters playroom or bedroom with wallpaper. It does take some time..and who knows what their interests will be in a few years…or a few weeks! So the easiest way to update kids and […]

Baseball caps wallpaper border

Take Me Out To the Ballpark

Take me out to the ballpark, take me out with the crowds…you know the tune. Spring conjures up images of Spring Cleaning and the start of America’s favorite summer sports’ pastime–baseball. During the month of April we will be featuring writings on topics having to do with ‘the boys of summer’ plus presenting exciting new […]

Waverly Floral vintage Wallpaper Border: color of love

The Color of Love

Most people know that the theme of February is…Love. This week, our thoughts turned to the color of love…Red, and it seemed a perfect chance to look at vintage patterns that use red so well. Don’t be shy…you’re going to adore these patterns. Dining rooms and washrooms or powder rooms are the perfect place for […]