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Radiant Orchid 2014 Pantone Color of the Year

2014 Color of the Year

Radiant Orchid It Is Radiant Orchid is the color of the year And with this hue there is nothing to fear For it is bold and bright and makes everything right From walls to floors it takes all to a new height Look for it in wallpaper, furniture, make-up and more iPad covers, bedding, clothes […]

wallpaper gift tags :Winter Berries on a Vine Wallpaper Border

Wallpaper Gift Tags – Unique and Festive!

It’s time to start wrapping those Christmas gifts…and we thought, instead of just wrapping them nicely and then adding a plain old gift tag, why not try unique and quick Vintage Patterned Wallpaper gift tags? Christmas is right around the corner. So, here are two simple ways to use wallpaper and wallpaper borders to give […]

If walls could talk : Vintage Wallpaper on the Ceiling

If Walls Could Talk

If walls could talk, they’d say thanks for thinking of us this holiday season. Families and friends will be gathering in your home for the next couple months, and there’s no better way to make a decorating change than with wallpaper! Articles about new, modern, vintage and classic wallpaper options are all over the internet […]

Red tones Damask Vintage Wallpaper

Purple and Red Tones for the Holidays

Purple and Red tones will heat things up this holiday season, and will give your holiday decor a polished, classic look that lasts into the new year! Use these vintage patterns from our store to do holiday crafts, wrap gifts or make greeting cards! Rolls of gorgeous wallpaper also make beautiful, unique table runners. Look […]

Cleveland Ohio Cavaliers Basketball Wallpaper Border

Sports Galore and Cavs Basketball Too

We were all set to kick off the Holiday season with a round of posts devoted to wallcovering for the holidays–using interesting patterns to spruce up your home in time for visiting friends and family, creating unique packaging and gift wraps with wallpaper remnants or giving the gift of wallpaper in the form of decal […]

2013 world series Baseball Vintage Wallpaper Pattern with sports equipment

2013 World Series…Ohio Fans MIss Out Again

Baseball experts and fans are anxiously awaiting the 2013 World Series to start on Wednesday, so we decided a baseball blog was perfect and a great addition to our sports theme of the past few posts. Admittedly, we’re not fans of either the Boston Red Sox or the St. Louis Cardinals, (c’mon Indians!) but the […]

Ohio State Wallpaper Borders

Ohio Sports: A Winning Season!

Buckeyes Indians Browns ‘Tis Fall Sports season A time to give every fan a reason To stay glued to the nearest TV And check out the champs to be Ohio teams are making a run For a special place in the sun Be it Buckeyes, Indians or Browns They are all vying for a set […]

Vintage home decor Wallcovering is back in style

Vintage Home Decor Trends

Just as it goes in the fashion world, vintage home decor trends are the classic story of “keep it long enough and it’ll be in style again.” This was instantly obvious to us when we did a quick Google search for Vintage Home Decor 2013. Articles, blogs, discussion boards and tweets FULL of ideas on […]

big impact Vintage Wallpaper Border doubled for dramatic look

Small Budget…Big Impact

Wallpaper borders have been a long-time wallcovering solution for smaller budgets that want big impact. If you’re searching for ways to make your space look great without spending a fortune, then wallpaper border should be at the top of your list. Even more importantly, check out our ideas for simple, unique ways to use wallpaper […]

Tableware Kitchen Wallpaper Border

Your Kitchen Needs A Wallpaper Border

Our regular readers know that we are absolutely in love with wallpaper, wallpaper borders and really anything that covers walls and makes them interesting. For some, wallpaper borders may seem outdated, so this post is dedicated to those who need some help appreciating them! Kitchens are always a perfect place for bold, comfortable colors…and they […]

Wallpaper Border as Baseboard, Chair Rail, & Crown Molding

Borders Make The Difference

BORDERS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE Wallpaper is the best Borders add extra zest Use them on a wall or door They will never be a bore With molding or a rail Your look will not fail To impress all who view Who will gush and do this too For ’tis easy as 1-2-3 And so cheap […]

Unused Fireplace becomes pretty storage

Practical and Pretty Storage Space

It is possible to have practical AND pretty storage? Long summer days probably don’t have you thinking about your fireplace, but here’s a simple summer wallpaper project that will add style and function to any room. Plus, you can do it in an afternoon. So, whip up a pitcher of lemonade and let’s get to […]

Wallpaper Wall Liner Products

Fix a Problem Wall with Wall Liner

Have a wall that’s cement block, brick, ceramic tile, textured walls or grooved wall paneling? A blank stock, non-woven Wall Liner is a great way to minimize wall repair and make troubled walls look like new again. When new wallpaper is hung or paint is applied to the liner, walls will look smooth and even. […]

perfect wallpaper installation supplies

Wallcovering Installation Tips

Wallpaper Perfection Wallpaper is easy to hang You can do it alone without a gang Just read our easy-to guide And put up those rolls side by side If done right it will not show a seam And the finished product will look like a dream Collectively, the employees at our store have been hanging […]

1690 Trade Card for Wallpaper history

More Wallpaper History

This trade card dates from about 1690, and illustrates the range of wallpapers available and the styles of interior decoration which were fashionable at the time. We found it online at the Wallpaper History Society web site. It is interesting that the majority of these wallpaper styles were imitations of other materials such as embroidery, […]

Wallpaper Mural as History lesson in Paris

Wallpaper Through the Ages

Wallpaper Shines Wallpaper’s been around for many a year As a room enhancer it has no peer So much better than a wall with paint Wallcovering has no fumes to make you faint Whether toile, plaid, or stripe There is a style to suit every type It adds warmth and elegance to a space And […]