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perfect wallpaper installation supplies

5 Tips for Perfect Wallpaper

Want perfect wallpaper installation? Here are a few tips you ought to know before you start your wallpaper project…
wallpaper installation supplies
1. Order all the wallpaper you expect to need at the same time. Once it arrives, double-check it. Different runs can have slightly different colors and won’t always match.

2. Gather all your necessary tools before starting. You’ll need a seam roller, wallpaper smoother or brush, a level, pushpins, tape measure, a wet sponge, a bucket of water, a broad putty knife, and a utility knife.

3. It’s unlikely that the walls you are papering are perfect right angles. Make sure your wallpaper is straight by using a line from which you measure the alignment of the paper. This can be done by using a plumb bob or a carpenter’s level.

4. Turn off the power in the room before papering around switches and receptacles. Paper over them as if they weren’t there, then make a diagonal slit from opposite corners. Trim away the triangular flaps and replace the cover plate.

5. Make sure your utility knife is sharp before trimming. Dull knives will cause the wallpaper to tear. You don’t want damaged paper or rough edges!