Wallpaper Transforms Furniture

Wallpaper is a great option to transform a piece of furniture instead of paint or staining it. Placing wallpaper on a piece of furniture that has some type of surface damage is also a great way to make an old piece look new again. In contrast to using paint or stain, wallpaper allows your imagination to run wild. A pattern that you might be reluctant to commit to covering your walls with can transform a boring and even ugly item into a beautiful or cool conversation piece.
Why would you limit wallpaper to just your walls? Their are so many options for using wallpaper such as your table, pictures, bookcase, bedframe and cabinets. If you plan to wallpaper your furniture, I would start with something simple. You could wallpaper the back of your bookcase, the front of your chest of drawers. Just make sure you unscrew the knobs before you put the wallpaper on. The top of a small table is also a great place for your favorite wallpaper. Have you thought about your cabinets door? It is a nice surprise when you open the doors or apply it to the interior of a door. Lastly, a piece of wallpaper simply slid under a piece of glass quickly transforms a tabletop.
Check out the following exciting ways of using wallpaper.
transform furniture, wallpaper

Wallpaper transforms chest door

Transform file cabinet, wallpaper

Wallpaper on a file cabinet

Cupboard transformation, wallpaper

Wallpaper used in back of cupboard

Table top transformation, wallpaper

Wallpaper dressed up tabletop

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