Vintage Wallpaper Is In!

Bring Back the Past
Looking for a way to have a new look
One that is not so dependent on a wallpaper book

Then search the past for a treat
Where you can find patterns that are so neat

Whether floral, stripe or plaid
The choices are many and none are bad

Vintage paper will be a sure fire hit
And your home will be the envy of all, to wit

So check out the options available right now
And then be prepared to take a well deserved bow

Complementing a whole new line of fantastic contemporary wallpaper patterns which incorporate glass, shells, metallic threads and other esoteric materials is another type of wallcovering that is a blast from the past. Vintage patterns are enjoying a new-found resurgence in popularity fueled by an interest in comfort–be it comfort food or comfort clothes or comfortable surroundings. There is nothing dramatic about vintage patterns–just clean lines and traditional colors. Many have the look of hand prints and their simple lines and good taste make them perfect backdrops for paintings or other wall hangings.

To make it easier to find special vintage stock we have searched our warehouse and have selected the very best patterns to add to our newly revamped, re-branded For the Love of Wallpaper website.

There is no set ‘age’ assigned to Vintage wallpaper but we have been collecting stock for several decades (although not for all of our 108 years in the wallcovering business) and have augmented our supply with purchases from other sources along the way. So, the good news is that, in contrast to many other sources of vintage goods, there is usually sufficient material of a specific pattern to complete an entire room or multiple rooms.

Examples of some of our most popular vintage offerings are displayed below but be sure to check out the hundreds of other in-stock patterns available for immediate purchase for your home, theatrical set design or craft project.

Vintage Floral Paisley Wallpaper

Vintage Floral Paisley Wallpaper

Faux Marble Textured Striped Vintage Wallpaper

Faux Marble Textured Striped Vintage Wallpaper

Checkerboard Plaid Vintage Wallpaper

Checkerboard Plaid Vintage Wallpaper


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