Your Kitchen Needs A Wallpaper Border

Our regular readers know that we are absolutely in love with wallpaper, wallpaper borders and really anything that covers walls and makes them interesting. For some, wallpaper borders may seem outdated, so this post is dedicated to those who need some help appreciating them!

Kitchens are always a perfect place for bold, comfortable colors…and they can mingle in so many ways. This kitchen uses a simple color palette, but the combination of stripes, checks and a unique wallpaper border give it pizzazz!

Tableware Kitchen Wallpaper Border

Tableware Kitchen Wallpaper Border

This vintage border with a variety of different colors is the perfect inspiration for your kitchen! Take a look at more vintage border patterns here.

Another idea for the kitchen is to create a custom backsplash with a wallpaper border. Choose wallpaper that wipes clean so splashes and splatters wipe right off, install it according to our tips, and listen to the compliments roll in!

Subtle Nautical Wallpaper Border Under the Cabinets!

Subtle Nautical Wallpaper Border Under the Cabinets!

We have thousands of patterns in stock online and in our store. Browse our vintage patterns…your creativity will soar!


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