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Bedroom Wallpaper Botanical Stripes

Bedroom Wallpaper. Wallpaper is a great way to change your home mood, especially in the bedroom. Choose from contemporary or classic styles. GEOMETRIC patterns are trending right now, especially in the bedroom. The patterns are clean and come in a variety of colors and styles.  Neutral earth tones and bold primary colors work with large and […]

2017 Wallpaper Design Trends

2017 Wallpaper Design Trends. This year is moving quickly so don’t miss out on any wallpaper design trends of 2017. Marble, Ombré and greenery wallpaper have been big trends at the start of the year but let’s also explore additional wallpaper ideas that are trending now. Art Deco is a growing trend for super-luxe glamour. […]

Metallic wallpaper silver, gold, copper, bronze

Metallic Wallpaper Silver Gold Copper Bronze Adds Shimmer Drama

Metallic Wallpaper in shades of Silver, Gold, Copper or Bronze adds shimmer and drama to any space. Wallpaper has become more and more fashionable and affordable.  A new trend that is growing stronger by the day is metallic wallpaper. Metallic wallpaper is more durable then average wallpaper. That means it will look beautiful for a […]

Wallpaper chest door

Wallpaper Transforms Furniture

Wallpaper is a great option to transform a piece of furniture instead of paint or staining it. Placing wallpaper on a piece of furniture that has some type of surface damage is also a great way to make an old piece look new again. In contrast to using paint or stain, wallpaper allows your imagination to run […]